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With a legacy spanning over twenty years in the maritime industry, Meyer’s Group has forged invaluable expertise, establishing itself as a prominent reference in various sectors.

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At Meyer’s Group, we have a division comprised of a team of professionals with over two decades of experience in the field of maritime supplies. Throughout this time, at Wakefield Marine Energy’s, we have provided physical supplies to various vessels and have provided consultancy services in marine systems for over 10 years.

We are proud representatives of renowned international brands known for their quality and reliability, including:

Our business unit operates strategically from Panamá Pacífico, a special economic zone and tax-free area located on the Pacific side of Panama. This strategic location puts us in a privileged position to serve approximately 75% of the supplies that take place currently.

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castrol marine

Castrol Marine

A globally recognized brand and leader in the marine lubricants business.



Specialists in the manufacturing of high-quality fuel and lubricating oil separators.



Experts in the production of heat exchangers.


Suppliers of biodegradable cleaning chemicals.
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