About Us

At Meyer’s Group, we not only adapt to the market, we shape it with a philosophy centered on trust, exceptional service, and the constant pursuit of excellence. Since our inception in 2006, we have led the way in meeting the needs of our clients in Latin America and the Caribbean, setting the standard as a company that exceeds conventional expectations.

Who We Are?

MEYERS GROUP arises according to the market’s need to have a company that generates trust, service, and quality, driven by the visionary ideas of its founders, whose goal is to meet the needs of its clients in Latin America and the Caribbean
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At Meyer’s Group, our mission is to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering exceptional services and products, backed by a modern fleet of maritime and land transportation, cutting-edge equipment and machinery, and highly specialized human talent. With a comprehensive approach, we also dedicate ourselves to the agricultural sector, offering solutions that range from agricultural production to specialized agricultural services. We are committed to providing timely, guaranteed, and competitive solutions with unparalleled quality standards.


We aspire to be recognized nationally and internationally as the leading consortium in the provision of services in the sectors where we have a presence. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clientele by providing comprehensive solutions distinguished by their quality and efficiency. We seek to generate the highest profitability for the organization, consolidating our position as references in the industry and contributing to the sustainable development of the communities we serve.


Respect, Quality, Honesty, Excellence, Commitment, Ownership, Reliability, Social Responsibility.

Visionary Foundation

We take pride in being the result of visionary ideas, born out of the need of a market that demanded not only services but a company they could fully trust. Meyer’s Group was founded by visionary entrepreneurs with a clear vision of setting a higher standard in the sectors where we operate.

Consolidated Experience

Our history is built on the foundation of a highly experienced management team, composed of successful professionals with a long track record in various sectors. From maritime transportation to agribusiness, each member of our team brings unique knowledge and skills, creating a solid fabric of experience that defines our commitment to quality.

Decentralized Structure, Central Innovation

At Meyer’s Group, we embrace a decentralized structure that enhances the operational independence of each of our companies. This homogeneous foundation of human and technological capacity becomes the perfect incubator for developing an innovative package of products and services. This approach allows us to quickly adapt to changing market needs and exceed our clients’ expectations in each of our branches.

In Constant

We do not settle for the status quo; we are committed to constant evolution. Our expansion is not only geographical but also conceptual. We continuously strive to be pioneers in new ideas, technologies, and sustainable business practices. At Meyer’s Group, excellence is not just a goal, it’s our way. Join us on this continuous journey of innovation, commitment, and customer satisfaction.

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