Agricultural Sector

In Meyer’s Group, our commitment to excellence in agricultural services is manifested through a wide range of operations designed to enhance productivity and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

With a strong conviction about the importance of the agricultural sector in the economy, we passionately engage in various activities ranging from milk production and sales, chicken fattening, breeding and fattening of cattle, to the selective breeding of quarter horses and thoroughbred racehorses. This commitment translates into practices that reflect unwavering care for quality and animal welfare.
Agropecuaria Meyers Group
Lacteos Meyers Group

Milk Production

In the scope of our agricultural services, we specialize in milk production. We implement modern and sustainable agricultural practices that ensure the quality and freshness of our products. From selecting cattle breeds to implementing processes that guarantee the health of the livestock, we strive to offer milk of the highest purity and quality.
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group

Breeding and Fattening of Cattle

We specialize in the responsible breeding and fattening of cattle. We work closely with the animals to ensure their welfare and optimal development. Our advanced approach includes intensive grazing systems and total mixed ration housing, resulting in young animals with exceptionally high-quality meat.
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group

State-of-the-Art Chicken Fattening

At Meyer’s Group, we take pride in offering a cutting-edge approach to chicken fattening, where the quality and welfare of the birds are our top priorities. We have poultry houses equipped with state-of-the-art technology, designed to maximize efficiency and ensure an optimal environment for the healthy growth of our birds.

Our facilities are meticulously planned to provide ideal breeding conditions. From climate control systems that automatically adjust to maintain optimal temperatures to lighting systems that simulate natural cycles to promote even development, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure the welfare of our birds. The feeding process also benefits from advanced technology in our poultry houses. We implement automated systems that precisely dispense and monitor food supply, ensuring a balanced and personalized diet for each stage of chicken growth.

agropecuario y lacteos meyers group
This comprehensive focus on cutting-edge technology not only aims for efficiency but also ensures respect for the welfare of our birds, translating into high-quality end products that meet the most stringent standards of the poultry industry.
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group

Breeding of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horses

Horse breeding is an expression of our commitment to agricultural diversity. We breed with love and care, preserving the breeds and fostering the health and vitality of each individual. Whether Quarter Horses or Thoroughbreds, our dedication is reflected in the excellence of our specimens.
At Meyer’s Group, we not only engage in agricultural production but also offer a comprehensive approach that encompasses from the farm to unforgettable experiences. Our mission is to be leaders in the agricultural sector, serving as a destination where quality and sustainability intertwine to create a lasting legacy. Discover how our agricultural services can add value to your life and community, blending tradition with innovation at every step.
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group
agropecuario y lacteos meyers group


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