WAKEFIELD is the business division of Meyer’s Group, responsible for the exclusive distribution of CASTROL MARINE lubricants in Central America, BELL RAY and ROYAL PURPLE in Panama. We also distribute INNOSPEC chemicals for the treatment of crude oil and all types of fuels.

We handle the line of spare parts for TULLP separators, AMI Exchangers heat exchangers in the electricity generation sector in Central America and the Caribbean.

Finally, we commercialize the biodegradable products BIOGEN for CIP separators, industrial and commercial cleaning of all kinds.

We are made up of a group of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

As part of sustained growth, in 2014, Calumet Specialty Products (the largest private refining group in the USA) was distributed in Panama for its line of automotive and industrial lubricants under its QUANTUM and ROYAL PURPLE brands. It was also the company designated for the distribution of the world’s largest factory specialized in fuel and oil additives (INNOSPEC), whose specialized products applied to all types of fuel are already used satisfactorily in the region. In addition, high-quality spare parts have been widely accepted and demanded. The products we market at WAKEFIELD are high technology, so our customers can optimize the performance of their machinery and equipment.

Finally, WAKEFIELD is located in Panama Pacific, a special economic zone, free of taxes, with a 1,000m2 warehouse to offer 3PL services to our clients.




It has an enviable reputation, a world leader in specialized lubricants for the efficient and economical operation of modern marine engines. Its wide range is suitable according to the requirements and needs of each client.



They are the most complete and fine line of the market; products designed and specially designed for the maintenance of your equipment at an efficient cost. All products whether oils, greases or auxiliary additives are designed to provide the performance and versatility that no other ordinary product can meet.



Synthetic products of high performance. Its distinctive quality and high standard makes this product a jewel for applications in extreme conditions, such as: race cars, mining, industrial and many others. Synerlec technology makes our Royal Purple brand stand out above any other brand.



Specialized chemicals to improve the quality of all fuels used in the market for large engines such as marine as well as smaller automotive. We also have products for oil operations, production and handling of fuels, refineries and power plants.



We represent the world’s largest independent factory in separator parts. We supply and repair control systems for new and reconditioned separators. Our spare parts are of high quality, reverse engineered product and tested with original parts. More than 20 years of experience in installing, auditing, consulting and repairing centrifugal separators in Latin America.



At AMI EXCHANGERS LTD we are able to supply all kinds of heat exchange equipment, such as:

  • Generators, compressors, turbines in closed circuit cooling.
  • Condenser and sea water coolers
  • Radiators or cooling towers for the cooling process of gas turbines
  • Maintenance contract for all types of chillers


SEA WATER FILTRATION, sea water is a source of huge cooling water that is used to cool an important part of the process. The treatment of sea water followed by a specialized filtration stage is of major importance in the plant. We can supply a filtration system of this type to protect the process equipment and performance.