Responsible for providing maritime towage service and assistance in maritime maneuvers in the most important ports in Panama, Central America and the Caribbean. Our success is defined by the sterling work and professionalism with which we work, with the help of our highly skilled human capital, aimed at meeting and exceeding the requirements of our most demanding customers through our strict Security, Quality and Environment policies.

We offer:

  • High sea towage.  
  • Smaller ships towage (barges).  
  • Assistance in docking/undocking maneuvers, STS, SBM.  
  • Assistance, safety, rescue, firefighting.  
  • Assistance in oil spills containment operations.  
  • Support for the construction and expansion of ports and docks.

We have a fleet of latest generation tugboats with the most advanced technology, with a thrust force of 80 tons of shot and Rolls Royce engines, turning them into the fleet of tugboats of greater quality and power in Panama.