Conformed by a young and dynamic team Constructora Meyer’s is dedicated to the successful development of different types of projects and works, providing quality, objectivity and time of delivery in the service, and personalized attention.

Focused on:

  • Earth movements.
  • Construction of Civil Works and residential infrastructures.
  • Residential Construction
  • Advice and construction Integral of agricultural project
  • Advice and integral construction of Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Heavy Equipment Rental.

Meyer’s Construction represents a solid business unit where the different branches of the construction sector converge, offering professionalism, efficiency and quality in all the works carried out.

We are currently initiating the construction of our PH La Castellana Residential project, located in the Los Angeles area of Panama.

Luxurious apartment building with bright, personalized, open, quiet spaces, providing an urban, private, homogeneous, family quality, safe and unique.


It is a dynamic company that presents itself as a center for the exchange of products, technologies and services between companies from different parts of the world.

Their experience gained in several years of projects and in several places of the world, allows them to face with the best level of professionalism the multiple scales of projects and supplies in various sectors.

Its presence in different markets (Asia, Central America and Europe) helps in the selection of a better product in the sense of a price / quality relation. In addition it puts to the attention of its client different perspectives. All with the best professionalism and attention.

Wings Group S. A. has representation and offices in:

  • Italy
  • Republic of Panama

Through a real-time exchange with its different offices, it can offer services and products of different companies, selected by quality, prices, customer service, production efficiency, now out of the product. It is dedicated to different sectors:

  • Environment (drinking water, sewage, solid and liquid waste).
  • Production of energy (renewable, traditional, recovery and energy saving, cogeneration). We offer services and products at industrial and civil level.