Dedicated to the production of vegetables, milk and dairy products, livestock fattening, Quarter Horses breeding, among others. Our agricultural property, located in the provinces of Chorrera and Chiriqui, are suitable for the development of agro-industrial activities with the highest quality standards guaranteed by our specialists in the area.

Among the products and services offered, we have:  

  • Production of grade A milk and dairy products.  
  • Production of heifers and males of high genetic for milk production.  
  • Production of vegetables in greenhouses and mulch.  
  • Livestock fattening: cattle, swine, sheep and poultry.  
  • Breeding and sale of horse and genetics.  
  • Exotic animals: llamas, mini pandas, camels, ostriches, mini donkeys, mini Brahmans, longhorns, zebras, deer and monkeys.

We are also in process of expansion of the agrotourism business as a recreational activity, aimed at groups of visitors who want to experience rural tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism in Panama.

We’re committed to growth and also to the daily contribution to the national industry.Meyer’s Group has decided to boost the productive capacities in the area of cattle and pork, in addition to the poultry sector, entering the food production market for our animals. Meyer’s Food has specialists in the field that ensure that the energy levels, vitamins and minerals required for the production of milk, eggs and fattening pigs are the indicated ones.


Cattle raising in 2 production systems: Intensive grazing with supplementation in a first stage, then finished and mixed rationing until the slaughter weight is obtained, with excellent daily weight gain and yield in the channel. This system achieves very young animals and excellent quality of meat, adjusting to customer requirements, such as ensuring palatability of meat, tenderness, juiciness, texture, color and marbling.


Crossbreeding of genetic breeds such as Dorper, Santa Inés, Katahain and West African, raised in a production system that allows high rates of fertility, very fast weight gain, excellent lambs for sale. Sanitary controls and good nutrition ensure the meat quality of the lambs offered to our commercial customers (restaurants and supermarket) and private customers.


Our latest project is the PureDogs Breed with Pedigree Vom Mittelmeyer Haus, specializing in German Shepherd. This project is led by a highly trained staff with several experience in the area, ensuring genetic crosses that together obtains the breeding of healthy specimens , with type, expression, character, good anatomy and movement.

Nowadays genetic lines of work and of conformation are easily obtained, with which the Pedigree is analyzed and studied carefully in order to plan genetic corrective crosses that ensure to obtain pups of excellent quality.

We breed beautiful registered dogs, able to compete and win exhibitions, but also have characteristics of German Shepherd as nobility, intelligence and loyalty, which allows you to raise it as a pet and as protection dogs in case you need it.